Mattress Comparison Guide: Which One is Better

Reading mattress comparison guides on àmazon – will help you find which bed performs the best and which one is the worse. Of all the mattresses available, it’s the memory foam that gains more than 85% satisfaction ratings from its actual users.

Memory foam
This bed has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. When you compare one brand from the other, like you see on Top Mattress Pick, you need to look into the amount of memory foam the brand or model has. Its density and the type of foam being used must also be considered, you must choose a model with more foam and utilizes denser materials. Whenever you want to buy a mattress, it is recommended to that you read about Australia’s Koala mattress review online. This will help you in making sure that you buy a mattress which suits your comfort level. This is a very comfortable mattress which is better for even patients with sleeping disorders

Latex mattress
In mattress comparison tests, latex is rated to be second to memory foam. According to reviews, 80% of its users are satisfied with it. It can last up to 12 years. When you opt for this bed, make sure that you choose a model that includes 100% natural latex, rather than synthetic one. Although a model with 100% natural latex is more expensive, it’s more comfortable to sleep on and it lasts longer.

For people suffering from neck or back pain​
​The mattress is perfect for those who have neck pain or back pain as it provides the right amount of firmness. The reason why most of the people wake up with neck pain is due to the inability of the mattress to provide adequate support and alignment to the spine. Serta Perfect Day iSeries makes sure that your spine is correctly aligned so that you wake up refreshingly.

​If you are a side or stomach sleepers
​Stomach sleepers need enough support and comfort so as to have a good sleep otherwise this sleeping position can give you a severe neck pain. A soft or a medium mattress is a big no to stomach sleepers because it tends to make your neck bend in an uncomfortable manner. A firm mattress like Serta Perfect Day iSeries is the best suited mattress for stomach sleepers

​If your spouse has a habit of waking up at night
​If your sleeping partner wakes up at night often, his movements can disturb you, and you end up losing your sleep. If that is the case, this mattress is a must have for you because it comes with a motion transfer eliminating feature.