A Complete Review On Sleep Innovation SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

Although memory foam is the newest technology in the bedding industry and it has proven to be a vastly versatile material addressing a lot of problems that had plagued an individual’s sleeping cycle caused by other mattress materials. Sleep Innovation has been one of the most reputed players among the manufacturers of beds and related items. Keeping in pace with its reputation it has also become a specialist in memory foam mattresses too. Its SureTemp memory foam mattresses take care of the heating problems effectively and in the following paragraphs we will provide a brief review about this particular product.


Features of the Mattress:

  • This Sleep Innovation SureTemp Memory Foam Mattresses comes with a warranty of 20 years.
  • The mattress is built with three sections which include poly-cotton as the cover, “Special” SureTemp memory foam in the middle and a base of high density memory foam at the bottom.
  • The term Special is used because this brand eliminates few common complaints about memory foam mattress such as:
  • Heat dissipation during temperature adjustment is a widely shouted out problem but Sleep Innovation uses a new technology named “open cell foam” that effectively works upon this. It reduces temperature by helping airflow and provides better support depending on your body’s need.
  • It is essentially allergy and dust-mite resistant.
  • It gets back to its original shape quite quickly every time you get up in the morning.
  • It achieves its real shape almost immediately after unpacking.

The only downside is that this mattress is for bases without any gap.

It Comes In Different Thicknesses:
It is available in 3 different thicknesses as follows.
The 12 inches variety has 9 ½ inches of high density foam in the bottom and 2 ½ inches of Special memory foam in the middle. The firmness provided is medium and the temperature for sleeping is cool to optimal.

The 10 inches variety has a 7 inches high density base layer and 3 inches special memory foam in the middle. This gives firmer support. This is ideal for people with less weight.

The 8 inches one provides the best firmness. With a 6 inches base layer of high density foam and 4 inches special SureTemp memory foam as the middle layer, this one is ideal for those who do not like sinking down to the bottom of the mattress and also for children.

This is one of the best mattress type beds in the market armed with the latest technologies. Hence it is worth taking a look at this option if you are planning to buy a mattress.